PetLifeEliteR MediaBagTM
Barcode :
Dimension : Contain : Filtration Hole : Material :
009989080362 3"x10" (80x250mm)
500 cc
200 micron
Leica Nylon
009989080379 3"x10" (80x250mm)
500 cc
200 micron
Leica Nylon
009989080386 3"x10" (80x250mm) 500 cc
200 micron
Leica Nylon
009989080393 3"x10" (80x250mm) 500 cc
200 micron
Leica Nylon
Benefit :
PetLifeEliteR MediaBagTM is high-flow mesh filter media bag is idea lf or small filter media such as activated-carbon, zeolite, peat moss, crushed coral, barley pellets, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, and silicate removers and other types of granulated filter media. Instead of buying costly pre-filled bags of activated-carbon you can just fill our economical bag with your favorite filter media. You will receive 3 inch by 10 inch mesh bags.
Directions :
FOR Regular using :
Put the media up to 500cc into the bag.
Close the bag with cable tie (inside)
Place the bag into the filter.
Remove after media expiry.
Materials :
Filter Cloth : 100% Leica Nylon cloth.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Safe for human consumption.
For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
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