ReefLifeEliteR ReefMosaicTM
Barcode :
Size : Quantity : Packaging :
009989180086 S 40x40x10mm
6 pcs.
Plastic Bag
009989180093 S 40x40x10mm
50 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180109 S 40x40x10mm
100 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180116 S 40x40x10mm
1000 pcs.
Plastic Bag
009989180048 M 95x95x18mm
1 pcs.
Plastic Bag
009989180055 M 95x95x18mm
50 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180062 M 95x95x18mm
100 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180079 M 95x95x18mm
1000 pcs.
Plastic Bag
Benefit :
ReefLifeEliteR ReefMosaicTM is a natural stone, not harmful to alife and environment.
ReefLifeEliteR ReefMosaicTM is sinkning to the bottom ,is not floating.
ReefLifeEliteR ReefMosaicTM is standard size, can be connected to a large area without overlap.
ReefLifeEliteR ReefMosaicTM can design the color and size as you like..
Materials :
Natural Rock 100%
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
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