ReefLifeEliteR FragBaseTM
Barcode :
Size : Quantity : Packaging :
009989180000 S 30mm
4 pcs.
Plastic Bag
009989180017 S 30mm
50 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180024 S 30mm
100 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180031 S 30mm
1000 pcs.
Plastic Bag
009989180048 M 63mm
1 pcs.
Plastic Bag
009989180055 M 63mm
50 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180062 M 63mm
100 pcs. Plastic Bag
009989180079 M 63mm
1000 pcs.
Plastic Bag
Benefit :
ReefLifeEliteR FragsBaseTM is made from dolomite (CaMg (CO3) 2) 100% safe for coral. The structure of calcium and magnesium will similar to the structure of coral.
ReefLifeEliteR FragsBaseTM contain very slowly soluble minerals to connect the structure of coral in a unity.
ReefLifeEliteR FragsBaseTM designed with space for glue. It is stronger than other general frags.
ReefLifeEliteR FragsBaseTM has high porosity thereby increasing oxygen to the coral up to 2 hours help relieve stress and heal wounds quickly. These advantage is not found the frags made from plastic materials.
Materials :
Dolomite 100%
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
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PetLifeEliteR FragsEpoxyTM

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