ReefLifeEliteR KHDownPTM
Barcode :
Weight : Volume : Packaging :
009989120327 7 oz / 200g 8.5 fl oz / 250ml
PET Bottle
009989120334 14 oz / 400g 17 fl oz / 500ml
PET Bottle
009989120341 28 oz / 800g 34 fl oz / 1,000ml
PVC Zip Bag
009989120358 140 oz / 4 kg 170 fl oz / 5 liters PVC Bucket
Benefit :
ReefLifeEliteR KHDownPTM is safely reduce alkalinity while simultaneously increasing the calcium level. Natural alkalinity and calcium concentrations are of special importance to ensure optimum growth and well-being of many invertebrates and calcareous algae in an aquarium. In many reef aquaria an increase of alkalinity and a decrease of calcium often occur. This may result in breakdown and increased carbon dioxide consumption in calcium reactors, with calcium content subsequently sinking below the natural level. The further addition of calcium exacerbates the situation. Sensitive stony corals may even die.
With ReefLifeEliteR KHDownPTM, the alkalinity can be easily reduced while the calcium concentration can be raised to a natural level simultaneously. The optimal values of 7 to 10 odKH and 380 to 450 mg/l calcium are easily achieved with ReefLifeEliteR KHDownPTM
Directions :
Add 1 spoon (inside) per 100 liters directly to filter tank for decrease Co3 10ppm. (-1odKH) of alkalinity, adjust as necessaryto maintain level KH at 7-10 odKH , recommend one dose per day only.
To Calculate :
Width (inc) x Length (inc) x Height (inc) x 0.015625 = Volume (liters)
For example
20" x 48" x 20" x 0.015265 = 300 liters
Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 1000 = Volume (liters)
For example
50 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm / 1000 = 300 liters

Ingredients :
Stearic acid, Cellulose, Hydroxypropyl.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human consumption.
For aquarium and pond use.
In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water.
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