ReefLifeEliteR ReefVitsTM
Barcode :
Volume : Treat up to : Packaging :
009989130005 8.5 oz / 250ml
1,250 gallons / 10,000 liters PE Bottle
009989130012 17 oz / 500ml
5,000 gallons / 20,000 liters PE Bottle
009989130029 34 oz / 1,000ml
10,000 gallons / 40,000 liters PE Bottle
009989130036 170 oz / 5,000ml
50,000 gallons / 200,000 liters PE Gallon
Benefit :
ReefLifeEliteR ReefVitsTM is the premium hard & soft coral vitamin &mineral supplement. It provides exoic trace minerals and complex nutrients for health and vigor and to stimulate growth in corals, anemones, gorgonians, and desirable marine algae. ReefLifeEliteR ReefVitsTM does not promote undesirable algae growth. Our goal is to provide SLR or Sustained Long-term results. To this end, ReefLifeEliteR ReefVitsTM makes the lightest possible use of EDTA and preservatives. These ingredients are necessary, however, to make sure you get a fresh, potent product.
Directions :
Shake well before using.
For general use and to aid fishes :

Add 20 ml (1 capful) per 200 gallons (800 liters) once a week.
Observe reaction of aquarium residents and adjust dosage accordingly.
Do not overdose!!! If overdose may cause turbidity 1-3 days, which is not harmful.
For expert use :

Add little bit into the food before feeding.
Do not dose from the same container as Kalkwasser, but use simultaneously and directly to tank or sump.
Note!!! Live corals also require strong lighting, with proper spectrum and immaculately clean systems. Regular water changes are encouraged.
ReefLifeEliteR ReefVitsTM is safe for use with or without ozone and will provide excellent results in either case. More frequent addition may be required due to ozone use.
To Calculate :
Width (inc) x Length (inc) x Height (inc) x 0.015625 = Volume (liters)
For example
20" x 48" x 20" x 0.015265 = 300 liters
Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 1000 = Volume (liters)
For example
50 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm / 1000 = 300 liters
Ingredients :
VitaminA 800I.U. / Biotin 18mcg.
VitaminB1 5mg. / Potassium 1mg.
VitaminB2 5mg. / Manganese 1mg.
VitaminB6 12mg. / Dicalcium 80mg.
VitaminB12 1mg. / Ferrous 130mg.
VitaminC 75mg. / EDTA 5mg.
VitaminD3 800I.U. / Niacin 8mg.
VitaminK 230mg. / Iodide 0.2mg.
VitaminE / 1mg. / d-Pantothenic 1mg.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Safe for human consumption.
Our products do not contain Sodium Benzoate if got the ants are normally. Close the lid tightly and rinse thoroughly after use.
In case of contact with hands or eyes rinse with plenty of water.
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