ReptileLifeEliteR ReptileStructureTM SunLampTM
Barcode :
UVA & UVB : Base : Voltage : Power : Average Lifetime : Packaging :
009989580008 30% / 10% E27
220 - 240 VAC
160 w 3000 hr. Foam Box
Benefit :
ReptileLifeEliteR ReptileStructureTM is a mercury lamp with a ballast, which can emit UVA, UVB and heat, warm light.
Effective and large area uniform UVA (30%) and UVB (10%) rays scattering.
Fully simulate sunlight.
Provide outdoor sun environment better for reptiles kept indoors so that reptiles can absorb nutrients better.
Promote organism to synthesize Vitamin D3.
Help calcium full deposition in bone.
Prevent MBD disease.
Enable reptile's normal healthy growth.

Materials :
Quartz glass.
Directions :
1. Do not use dimmers, timers, thermostats, non national standard extension sockets and full load extension sockets.
2. Do not frequently switch on or off the light in a short time (we are recommended to turn on the light after the lamp cooling down when the light is off)
3. Do not use lamp shades whose rated power is less than or equal to the rated power of the light bulb. (recommended minimum power support 200w)
4. When the light bulb is overheating because of long continuous use, or unstable voltage, the light bulb will start automatic protection and go off. It doesn't matter, because it will re-start about five minutes later.
5. Do not use it at a large tilt angle, instead, use it vertically downward.
Specification :
Base : E27
Emitting Color :
Warm white 3000k
Voltage :
220-240 VAC.
Working Current :
Power :
Dimensions :
Height 17cm, Diameter 12cm.
Average lifetime :
3000 hr.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
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