ReefLifeEliteR AIP-AiptasiaGoneTM
Barcode :
Volume : Kill up to : Packaging :
009989120280 1.7 oz / 50ml > 500 flowers
Glass Bottle
009989120297 3.4 oz / 100ml
> 1,000 flowers Glass Bottle
009989120303 8.5 oz / 250ml
> 2,500 flowers PE Bottle
009989120310 17 oz / 500ml
> 5,000 flowers PE Bottle
Benefit :
Kill the Aiptasia within 5 mins.
Information :
The best time to remove an aiptasia anemone is when it is first noticed! Aiptasia will grow rapidly and can over-run an aquarium quickly. If you see one aiptasia in your aquarium it's more than likely that there will be others that will pop up. One method of removing aiptasia is by using ReefLifeEliteR AIP-AiptasiaGoneTM. This is a liquid product that you will apply to an aiptasia. ReefLifeEliteR AIP-AiptasiaGoneTM treatment is completely reef-safe and any material not ingested by the Aiptasia is harmless to sessile invertebrates. Excess material will decay harmlessly over time without any adverse consequences.
Directions :
Before use, you will need to turn off all the pumps in your aquarium. This will reduce the water movement in your aquarium and allow the product to work the way it was designed. It's important to apply the solution to the aiptasia while it is still open. Get as close as you can to the center of the aiptasia with the dropper and release enough product to cover the aiptasia. The aiptasia will close and retract once ReefLifeEliteR AIP-AiptasiaGoneTM has been applied. After you have applied ReefLifeEliteR AIP-AiptasiaGoneTM to all viable aiptasia, you will want to wait 5-10 minutes before restarting your aquarium pumps.
Ingredients :
Deionized water, Potassium concentrate.
Contain no Calcium Hydroxide, Acid Phosphates, Pepper or Medicine.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human consumption fishes.
For aquarium use only.
In case of contact with hands or eyes rinse with plenty of water.
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