PetLifeEliteR BioPelletsTM
Barcode :
Weight : Volume : Packaging :
009989070288 7 oz / 200g 8.5 fl oz / 250ml
PET Bottle
009989070295 14 oz / 400g 17 fl oz / 500ml
PET Bottle
009989070301 28 oz / 800g 34 fl oz / 1,000 ml
PVC Zip Bag
009989070318 140 oz / 4 kg 170 fl oz / 5 liters PVC Bucket
Benefit :
PetLifeEliteR BioPelletsTM are now sourcing a new denitrification pellet.
PetLifeEliteR BioPelletsTM
made of biologically degradable polymers, these pellets allow aerobic growth of bacteria which in turn is said consume nitrates and phosphates.
PetLifeEliteR BioPelletsTM states that denitrification will take about 2-3 weeks to get up to full speed, and that as an added benefit, colonizing bacteria will occur within the reactor only, and not on other surfaces and pumps.
PetLifeEliteR BioPelletsTM are best used in a reactor where they are tumbled aggressively.
PetLifeEliteR BioPelletsTM are not a specific danger of oxygen level drops (during the initial introduction and subsequent algae bloom) unlike is identified in the other product guidelines.
Freshwater & Saltwater use.
Directions :
Add 1ml per 1 liter (1 Spoon = 7 ml) to your reactor (do not use with filter bag) and adjust the flow through the reactor so that the entire column is fluidized (take care not to let any pellets escape the reactor). Add PetLifeEliteR NitroBacteriaLTM. For the first week, you will want to inoculate the pellets rather aggressively (double the dosing/frequency). Observe your tank for changes in nutrient levels and / or drops in algae densities. Keep to same level every 1-2 months. If the water is cloudy (it is not harmful) removed some of media, will return to clear within 2-3 days.
To Calculate :
Width (inc) x Length (inc) x Height (inc) x 0.015625 = Volume (liters)
For example
20" x 48" x 20" x 0.015265 = 300 liters
Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 1000 = Volume (liters)
For example
50 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm / 1000 = 300 liters
Ingredients :
Carbon Source Polymer 100%
Specification :
Diameter : 3-6 mm
Moisture Content : 1%
Ash Content : 1%
PH : 5-6
Hardness : 90%
C.T.C : 90%
Contact time : 1-15 days
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Safe for human consumption.
For aquarium use only.
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