ReefLifeEliteR MagnesiumLTM
Barcode :
Volume : Treat up to : Packaging :
009989110083 8.5 fl oz / 250ml
1,250 gallons / 10,000 liters PE Bottle
009989110090 17 fl oz / 500ml
5,000 gallons / 20,000 liters PE Bottle
009989110106 34 fl oz / 1,000ml
10,000 gallons / 40,000 liters PE Bottle
009989110113 170 fl oz / 5,000ml
50,000 gallons / 200,000 liters PE Gallon
Benefit :
ReefLifeEliteR MagnesiumLTM is present in natural sea water in a fairly high concentration (1350-1500ppm.) Magnesium is an essential part of chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. Without photosynthesis algae and hence the corals, which we have in our aquariums, would not survive. Magnesium also has another important function in that it allows maintaining the correct combination of calcium concentration and alkalinity or carbonate hardness possible.
ReefLifeEliteR MagnesiumLTM
is a ionically balanced product which will safely raise the magnesium level in any marine system without upsetting the ionic balance of the system. ReefLifeEliteR MagnesiumLTM is very concentrated, containing over 150,000 ppm of cationic magnesium, and is nitrate, phosphate and gluconate free!
Note! It is normal for this product to form a sediment in the bottle. Shaking before use will suspend this sediment which will dissolve when added to the aquarium.
Directions :
Shake well before using.
Add 20 ml (1 capful) per 200 gallons (800 liters) once a week.
Add directly to the system in an area of good water movement. Adjust dosage according to individual requirements (use ReefLifeEliteR MagnesiumTestTM) Every 20 ml per 200 gallons (800 liters) will increase the Magnesium concentration by approx 50 ppm. Maintain a magnesium concentration of 1350-1500 ppm.
To Calculate :
Width (inc) x Length (inc) x Height (inc) x 0.015625 = Volume (liters)
For example
20" x 48" x 20" x 0.015265 = 300 liters
Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 1000 = Volume (liters)
For example
50 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm / 1000 = 300 liters
Ingredients :
Deionized water, Magnesium Chloride.
Contains no phosphates, nitrates, gluconates, lactates, or other sugars.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human consumption.
For aquarium use only.
In case of contact with hands or eyes rinse with plenty of water.
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